Tania Lili


Mexican New York is a visual thesis research project that explores how the Mexican community settled in New York and the role that stereotypes play in communicating Mexican traditions. These elements and facades have been slowly appearing throughout the city and have helped the Mexican community settle into the foreign streets of New York making it a more familiar place. 

Mexican New York is part of my graduate thesis project "Mexican American".


Hola! I am a multidisciplinary designer from Mexico City based in Brooklyn.
I work conceptually with visual communication in any scale combining different media.
I have a BA in Interactive Design and an MS in Communications Design from Pratt Institute.
I have lived, studied and worked in Mexico City, Paris and New York.
When I am not playing around with pixels or spending too much time on the internet I enjoy reading and trying to finish unfinished personal projects.

I am currently a Visual Designer at Code and Theory in New York.


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Clients and prospective clients now and then:

Code & Theory, MTV, FCB New York, Refinery29, Pratt Institute, The powerHouse Arena, powerHouse Books, Iniciativa México, Aeroméxico, Kastner & Partners, Red Bull, Nestlé México, Banamex,  BBDO, Wax Poetics, Amnistía Internacional.